Awakened Feminine was co-founded in 2013 by Adriana Rizzolo and Taryn Longo. Close friends, soul family, and confidantes, Adriana & Taryn felt a deep need and massive void in the lives of the incredible women in their universe…a need to really connect to themselves and to other women, a need to have a level of intimacy coupled with a high vibration, and a need to feel heard and seen.  What began in June 2012 as a small group at Adriana’s home in Brooklyn,  has since grown into the Awakened Feminine movement, penetrating the lives of women from all over. There is always an opportunity to find someone to complain to, to gossip with, or to share in negative vibrations with. Adriana & Taryn wanted to offer a safe and inspiring space to get something different, to feed the souls of women, and to see and honor their true, innate bigness.

Adriana Rizzolo

Adriana teaches yoga classes throughout New York City and Brooklyn. She completed an Anusara asana training and since has been training under spiritual leader and meditation teacher David Harshada Wagner.  She is a graduate of the Living Meditation Spiritual Leadership Training, and through this study she continues to learn what it means to be truly connected to spirit and live in an awakened, fearless way. Having found tremendous transformation through the practice of meditation and yoga, she serves others by supporting the inner beauty we all possess.  Adriana travels to teach yoga workshops and retreats and has taught in India, Ecuador and Ireland. She is humbled to share her light and experience through teaching yoga, writing, and through her work with the Awakened Feminine movement.

Visit Adriana’s Yoga Website for class schedules and information.

 Taryn Longo


Taryn is a DONA-trained Doula and an International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)-trained Childbirth Educator.  She is also a full-time mama, and this has played a tremendous role in influencing  her work with women. Her son, Jackson Kabir, can usually be found right by her side. She  holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication, which directly informs her role as facilitator. and has studied meditation extensively with her partner, Living Meditation founder David Harshada Wagner. Taryn has gone through a powerful transformation over the past few years as a result of her meditation practice and dedication to keeping her inner life a priority. She now works to bring this experience to other women through Awakened Feminine.