We recently realized something about the core of Awakened Feminine, that is so simple we never even pinpointed it. Being at ease. Someone pointed it out to us after she spent time on our website looking through content. It was a very powerful realization for us because it’s not something we had paid much attention to, but the idea of being at ease with each other, with ourselves, with our beliefs and our paths and our love and our worlds…..that is just so essential to the Awakened Feminine approach to life.

To drop the judgement, to stand for something good, to develop supportive relationships with one another, and to constantly work on ourselves to live happier, more free lives….all of it creates a sense of ease. it’s part of what comes when you live true, with an open heart.

So we want to encourage you to look at your relationships and see how at ease you are. Are you in your natural state? Do you feel you can be you, be free, and be understood and seen? And the same questions apply to your relationship with yourself.  How you are with yourself, and your own path? Are you edgy and anxious, judgmental or defensive? Or do you live from a place of love and realness and inner shine?

We realized that to us, this is really a continuous check in that we do…that we have to do it to stay in the highest vibration of our life. We do this check in because we know that the answers to these questions are great indicators of underlying things. How at ease we are shows us a lot. We are massively grateful when it’s there, and we are ready to make changes (internal or external), when it’s not.

There is no right or wrong way of being, no ideal to try to meet. Just a sweet standard of living that we invite you to give yourself. Because you are awesome, the most natural version of you…totally, beautifully awesome. And you deserve a life of ease.