We’re bringing it back to basics at AF!! We are so stoked for the recent ENORMOUS expansion that the Awakened Feminine community has experienced!! It’s been so cool to watch this movement grow and see new women come into it every day. We have been experiencing our own personal growth on exponential levels too, burning through old habitual emotional crap and finding new levels of strength and independence and mightiness! That’s right, mightiness.




But as mighty as we feel personally at times, and as mighty as our whole huge AF movement has felt at times, we have also experienced some significant growing pains, with moments of forgetfullness and uncertainty as we navigate these new and bigger waters.  As a result, we have found ourselves pulling back to our foundation, re-reading past love letters we wrote, reminding each other of who we are and how big we are, and really holding steady in the most basic of beliefs and concepts that create the container of what we call an AF approach to life.




The AF approach is high vibe, community oriented, nontoxic and nonjudgemental. It’s dedicated to personal evolution so that the collective experience is heightened for all. It’s fearless and willing to face our shit, it’s real and humble and it’s fun and free spirited. And it requires a dedication to stay steady in when things get big or things get hard.




So we want to pull it back to basics for you all. We have a TON of new women in our global community who have never been fully introduced to these concepts, and there are just as many women who have been introduced but now have grown since then that it’s time to be re-introduced.




For the coming weeks into summer we are going to offer you a chance to finess your AF foundation. To take in our basic concepts and start to really apply them to your life. Whether for the first time or on a whole new level than ever before. And we want to hear your experiences with that. We want to hear your voice, tell us how you’re applying it all and how it’s affecting you.




We love you, you’re awesome, and this whole big thing we are doing together is awesome.




With love,


Awakened Feminine


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