Dont Be Leaky


We all do it. We get into a funky state, we have stuff we are facing and are occupied with it, we feel off or down….and we leak that shit all over our world. People around us feel it, people we text feel it, probably even people on social media feel it. Leaky leaky leaky.


So let’s make a pact to stop being leaky. Take some steps to honor what you’re feeling while not infiltrating the world around you with your “shit”.


Change the conversation.


Forward the love letter to your best friend and have a meaningful chat.


Come to an AF meeting {like this one next week!!} instead of sitting in sorrow longing for community.


And maybe most simply and most importantly, tell a friend how you’re feeling. it doesn’t make you look weak, it allows you to be fully yourself and loved for all that you are. it allows you to feel supported and it frees your negative feelings from living inside you, festering, growing and causing mayhem to your state.


And let’s not confuse this with being dramatic, or giving energy to your negativity. that’s a whole other ballgame, and really in our experience it’s a fine line. but the more you practice being real about where you are at, the more you will become tuned into that line, and the more your allowance to be yourself will actually be a relief to that inner drama.


So dont be leaky…use the tools you have acquired to work with your state, speak up to those around you about where you are at, but let go to your attachment to that state as you do so. allow it to be a freeing of that sticky, messy state. Allow it to be a step forward, whether a tiny step or a huge one, allow it to be movement.


And breathe, and smile, and remember you are loved…no matter what.

Oh, and join us May 25th in upstate New York at our friend Olivia’s farm for a SUPER SPECIAL day!!



Awakened Feminine