We talk a lot about visions here at AF. But what do we mean? And how does it relate to AF’s mission? Vision is the juice of life. Living your vision means you have connected to what your purpose in life is and are courageously taking steps to live it. Living your vision means you are living absolutely true to yourself. It means that you are in the drivers seat of your life and you have connected with something bigger than you, all at once. Your vision is your purpose, and living it means you feel ALIVE. And how does this relate to AF?  Because if you really truly want to have the backs of the women in your life, you will encourage them to live their vision. And beyond encouragement, you will see them enough to be able to connect to their purpose with them. You will become a partner with them, a team member there to help them thrive and flourish.

We are blessed enough to be surrounded by women who are on a constant path of self inquiry and inner work. Who have decided that they absolutely must live fully and there’s no settling in terms of living their vision, and they’ve sought out resources to help them. We are lucky enough to share our journeys together, to pull each other in and remind each other of how we NEED to live our vision. How we absolutely CAN. And we are lucky enough to have any lingering self doubt squashed by the company we keep. But for us, this luck has come to us because of years of damn hard work we have put in on ourselves, that led us to being in a community of people who have done the same. We didn’t have this before, before we had a lot of women friends that had no investment in whether we were thriving or not, a lot of people who didn’t quite care if we were living fully and happily, and in fact probably liked it a lot more when we weren’t because they were not either. And we know for sure many, many, if not most, women have similar situations. Despite being blessed with the support we have now, we also know many women in our lives who are still lacking it on a day to day basis.

And that’s why it’s part of Awakened Feminine to give that. To have each other’s back to really shine. To help each other connect to what our purpose is and to take the steps to live true to that. So so so many women are never even told they CAN make their deepest dreams and biggest truths a reality. So many women are surrounded by other people who are not living their vision and therefore are not offering it as a possibility, who are instead happy to join in on the complaining and depletion that comes from suppressing that deep part of yourself.

We can offer something different. We can remind each other that we have a purpose and that we can THRIVE in the journey of living it. We can encourage each other to take even the smallest of steps towards the life we want. We can create a community based on the assumption that we are all awesome and that we will cheer each other on,  and that we will go out of our way to do so!!

We can be the women that someone KNOWS they can come to and have support for their dreams, with no threat of judgement or competition, with no threat of naysaying or disbelieving. We can be the women that help those dreams become a vision through real encouragement, and through sharing resources and sharing fearlessness.

We at Awakened Feminine promise to have your back with this. We have amazing resources once you decide you want this for yourself. Email us, message us, comment on our Facebook page, whatever you want. We will get you the resources you need, the resources that we know work. Tell us your visions and we will be here to see your potential and encourage your action. Reach out and don’t feel alone in creating the life you know you deserve. You are not alone. And the more you can be this for others, the more you are bound to build a community of thrivers and cheerleaders. Let’s all kick some serious ass together. Let’s all take the parts of our life that are unsatisfied and unhappy and turn them into our DREAMS. Let’s all LIVE OUR VISION with total JOY!

With Blissful Love,
Awakened Feminine