Dearest beauties,

I feel like we hear the phrase “let go and trust” a lot. While I get it, and while I do fully believe it, I also want to invite us all to not so much let go and trust, but to focus on what matters, and trust.

I had a revelation recently. I don’t want to waste my energy focusing on things that don’t matter. Obvious, right? But in application, it’s a little less obvious. I can’t control everything, i can’t make things something they aren’t. but i can focus on what matters, what deeply matters to me. and i can create my life from there. I would much rather create my life from a place of intentioned focus than allow my life…or more likely, my crazy mind. to tell me what to focus on.

My mind is insane. well, it can be. And it can drag me around if i am not careful. It can tweak my focus and then all of a sudden i can’t even feel my body because I’ve gotten so much in my head. I can’t see the intense beauty in my life because i have gotten so lost in future desires and planning that what i have right in front of me disappears. It’s like the desire to “have it all” makes me forget to see that I already do have it all.

we all want a lot out of life.  we have dreams, and hopes, and we also can have a lot of anxiety and uncertainty around those dreams and hopes. We can have challenges directly in front of us that feel like the only thing that’s happening.

But we also have each perfect moment. It’s perfect because no matter what is happening we can choose to focus on something that really matters. even it’s a hard thing. And in my experience, giving my full self, my full presence and attention, to something that is really challenging, makes it so much easier.

The thing is, that when we don’t do this, at least for both me and Adriana, our minds start to create stories. pretty elaborate….and very untrue and not helpful…..stories. About how our ultimate dream will never happen, and about how that super feared thing definitely is going to happen. About how we will never have all that we want, and about how everything we have is going to just crumble and anyway it all sucks so who cares.

Right?? Do you know about this?

Sometimes we just laugh at ourselves. Sometimes we just say, god we are bored of this story! But sometimes we find ourselves believing it. Sometimes we both feel down, because that silly boring story is starting to sound kind of believable.

But my revelation, well it showed me something. Because even if I am in one of those down moments where I’m starting to believe some crappy story, I can refocus my attention onto what matters. Onto my children, onto my home, onto the purpose of my work, onto the love in my life, the qualities Im trying to cultivate (patience anyone?) onto my relationships. Onto my huge heart, that is always there waiting for me to remember it. Sometimes I can just breathe into my heart and it’s like my eyes open wider and all of a sudden I can see my sweet little world again, and nothing else matters.

Because right in front of me, right inside me, is where all that stuff that matters is. And if I just focus on that, well then I can simply trust that everything else will fall into place. I have to trust it, because part of what matters to me is being a woman who can trust like that, who can believe in the bigger picture, who can feel a sense of sturdiness in that.

So that’s what I do. and god does it help. And truly, everything becomes better. Everything feels richer. Not because anything changed to become richer but because I just focused on it and saw it again.

Things are already rich, we just have to focus to see it.

With love,


Awakened Feminine