Awakened Feminine is all about love and connection and support. So everything we offer, everything we do, has that foundation to it. It has the foundation of living from our greatness and living super true.

But we never want to give the impression that that means things are always easy. They are not.

Challenges come up, we have difficult days. painful experiences, and times when exhaustion and daily demands wear us out.


The difference between these challenges now, and our challenges in the past, is that now we have tools to work through them. Now when we have to make hard decisions and face difficult stuff, we can do it in our bigness, in our power, and with an awake and open heart. Now we can face the hard stuff and not get stuck in it.

But sometimes that actually makes it even harder, because in order to really move through something and grow from it, we have to face ALL of it and we can’t back away or become wishy washy about it. We can no longer ignore the hard stuff we need to face, the way we used to.

But no one ever told us that this was the easier road. Because it probably isn’t. But what know, what we have learned along the way, is that to reach the kind of happiness and thriving we want we have to go through this hard stuff in a way that empowers us. Whether the hard stuff is a huge life change or just moving through extreme demands and tiredness, we have learned that if we face it and do it, then we grow and evolve….a lot.


Real happiness, to us, is hard earned. We are willing to take the harder road sometimes because we know from experience what the benefits are. We are living in the fruits of that road. But always there will be challenges, always there will be things to face. To us there is no illusion or bubble to live in. So we keep our foundation strong, we have each other’s back, and we keep our deepest happiness and our truest life vision a major priority. And we invite you to do it with us. This is where all the sparkle comes from, and this is where all that big love comes from.