I will stand for sincerity and I will stand for integrity.

I will stand for non judgement. I will promise you that you’re safe with me. I will never, ever show you sweetness only to turn around and talk shit. I will not approach you with an agenda, and I will never use you. I will represent Awakened Feminine with every step I take.

And in turn I will not accept your falseness. I will always work on myself, tuning my inner sensitivity so that I not only know when I am not being true, but I will know when you are not being true. I will know when someone doesn’t have my back and I will honor that intuition. I will trust myself. And with that, I will never be cold, and I will never be closed off. I will learn the difference between creating a forcefield around myself and shutting down… I will not shut down. I will stand strong in a place of love whether you are malintentioned or open hearted. My strength and my ability to live in a place of powerful love will not be conditional upon anyone else.

I will learn to be authentic in the company of all women, whether it’s the woman who most intimidates me and the one who allows me to be the most vulnerable. I will be true, always.

I will stand in front of toxic and catty women and I will see them for the pain they are in, and I will represent something else. I will represent the woman who has experienced deep, dark pain and who has allowed herself to become new because of it. I will stand in my light because my light was hard earned.

I won’t compromise my integrity. I will  fumble and navigate and learn and grow, but I will do so with clear intentions and integrity in tact.

I stand for something. I stand for a different option.And  I will always know that I am not alone in this…I will stand for the Awakened Feminine.