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Introducing, AF Girls!!!

We are SO excited to introduce to everyone our (not so) new program, Awakened Feminine Girls! Actually launched last year through our work with the YoGirls program, we have finally, officially, launched this very important segment to our AF mission….working with young girls to bring the AF message into their worlds!

We just got back from a super fun, passionate, exciting morning spent with 45 8th grade girls at Achievement First charter school in Brooklyn. What an AWESOME experience!! These girls blew us away with their participation and self-awareness. We are so honored to have worked with them!

Our message for these girls, and it certainly carries through to any age range, is that of “true empowerment“, getting away from the need to knock others down and fight for respect in order to feel better about ourselves, (and then feel the anxiety and stress of that), and into a vibe of deep confidence and ability to take positive action…and most importantly, to stand for something good for ourselves.

Perhaps the most powerful moment was when we read out loud to them our AF Girls “I Stand” manifesto.…the roaring applause and excited energy after was amazing! We then had each girl state her name and declare what she stands for… it was a truly awesome moment and so cool to hear what each girl’s unique response was.

We can’t wait to bring our ”I STAND FOR” campaign to more schools and programs and reach more of these beautiful girls in the process.

Thank you Achievement First for having us, and to every girl that participated!

And if you know any school or summer program that would want to have this message a part of their work, let us know! Let’s spread the AF love power :)



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