An invitation to openness …


Here you are, in the face of worrying about whether or not she will be mad if you are honest with her… so what do you do?  Do you speak your truth & let your connection be the love that pours through your words, or do you hide & just “listen”, or even worse, do you agree & say what you think she wants to hear?


In the meantime, you are having an entirely separate conversation with yourself ( and therefore not listening), and you are shrinking into being someone that absorbs pain instead of allowing the pain to be held with love within the conversation.  How about …


“I can feel what you are going through is difficult and I want you to know that I am here for you and I love you.  So much.” And really mean it.




Up until now, more times than not, I have gravitated towards keeping my mouth shut in fear of a friend getting upset with me.  Or fear of being wrong or judgemental.  There are many places this fear stems from, childhood, need for approval (which is a whole other topic really), and on and on.  But what I can do now to change that, is to speak up from the woman I am today.


I am a confident and LOVING woman, and I truly see my friends & truly want the best for them.  Just like you do.  Someone who isn’t afraid to speak up against drama.  Because I believe we must be reminders to each other of the beauty and love that are always present, even when one of us forgets, ESPECIALLY when one of us forgets…if we can not do this, then what is all of this work for?


I don’t mean being harsh or unthoughtful or extreme when someone is going through real trauma and intense life dramas.  I realize sometimes silence & love are the ways to support someone going through hurt & horror.  I am referring to our common forgetfulness of ourselves as the true beauty that we are, and the old ways of relating as women who are against each other, even when we are life-long, best friends.


It can be difficult for most of us to have a deep, healthy, open, intimate relationship with another woman.  It takes practice, some fumbling & sometimes painful failed attempts, but nonetheless we can start assuming that we have each other’s backs. We must start assuming that we have each other’s backs.


We must let THAT be what helps us heal & continue to grow into the powerful, shining, beautiful sisters that we are.





Awakened Feminine