Happy New Year beautiful woman!

We have a question for you.  How do you want to share your love this year?  Taryn and I were text talking(what else is new), and realized that Awakened Feminine  really stands for a certain type, a particular flavor, of love.  It shines through in all of our relationships, but especially here between each other as women.

The love that we woke up to when we became friends is like the love you have with a close sister, or a best friend.  I’m sure some of you can relate to that.  The kind of connection that you know has probably been through many lifetimes together.  The key is, not only do I sense Taryn and I have been friends for a very, very long time, I can tell that it was always this kind of love that we shared.  A super soft, openly joyous, deeply caring, having each other’s backs in big ways, positive and life enhancing kind of love. And for us THAT is what makes it so transformative (and fun).

I remember watching Taryn years ago when we first became friends and admiring how openly loving she was to everyone she met.  I knew then that I not only wanted that with her, but that I wanted to be that way with everyone I met too.  It was so feminine in a super powerful, loving and awake way (ummm hello haha).  Like how a mother in her power can just see everything and everyone in this way that feels good when she touches you or even just looks your way.  That really woke me up the soul beauty mother that is within me that was yearning to be let loose- and it has been unfolding beautifully ever since.  There is a soul beauty mother that is within each of us.   It’s such a cool thing to share with each other, and is the one of the main powers of living an Awakened Feminine life.

Fearlessly expressing my love and joy with another woman has become one of my favorite things to do!  It almost always comes so natural now, but because it wasn’t always I can feel it arise in me and it’s so special, so exciting.  As women we have all kinds of different life lessons and karma to go through and learn from the relationships in our lives.  But with Awakened Feminine we want to use these kinds of relationships as an example of how we can be with each other.

Sometimes it will be harder than others, and some relationships will be more challenging by nature, but isn’t nice to know that it is possible to be so loving and warm and snuggly with another women in her power?  To know you deserve to be treated that way by her, and that you can let your guard down to give yourself in that way?  Even if relating to another woman in this high way felt or feels uncomfortable to you, I’ll bet knowing you have the option to shift that is a beautiful and sacred thing to your heart.

We just wanted to start the new year off sending you our sweetest, warmest  softest, BIGGEST, uninhibited LOVE to set the standard for all of our relations this year.

Sweet tender blessings and Soul Beauty Love to you all for 2015.


Adriana & Taryn

*photo above by Taryn’s son and one of my best friends Jackson Kabir.  He obviously gets AF : ) .*