Hello dear beauties!!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Yes, Adriana and I have found ourselves in a very brief, but very important, pause.

Sweet Adriana is on retreat in India, kicking ass, blasting through barriers, teaching incredible yoga, and assisting my partner/love of my life David Harshada Wagner as he leads a small group through India on one of the most powerful retreats you could ever imagine (I’ve been twice with him, and there is nothing like it).

Here in NYC, I am with our sweet little babies. Rabia Sky is 3 months old, and Jackson Kabir is 2.5 years. This is my first long stretch alone with both babies while Harshada is away, and needless to say, I am busy! And tired :)

So although I had hoped to have time to write, I simply have not. And I decided to consciously put my focus into only taking care of my children and myself, so that I can get enough sleep and really rock these 3 weeks.

I should have written you all sooner to let you know there would be a pause in the Love Letters, I know many of you look for them every week, and we so appreciate your love and support and engagement with Awakened Feminine!

So our Love Letters will be back next week, and I am so sorry to have missed these past couple of weeks and not sent at least a little sparkle to let you know!

We are here, we are living Awakened Feminine every moment of our lives, learning so much everyday, growing so much in what seems like every minute, and we love you all. We can promise that when we take these little pauses, we are living our content and developing tons of new stuff for you. And when Adriana is home, we will announce our next AF meeting in New York, along with so many other exciting things!

We LOVE you!