“We are never stuck and we are never alone, no matter what we are feeling… we are meant to evolve, and we are meant to soar.”

Recently Taryn and I have been having a whole paradigm shift in our world.  Lots of change on the horizon, all great and amazing stuff.  And, a lot of big transformation and real heart expansion happening too, which sometimes comes with growing pains.

In talking about what it is we need from each other in terms of support today, this is what came up around empowerment…

*  Empowerment doesn’t have to be fierce. It can be soft and receptive and vulnerable and open to needing help.

*  There are different variations of empowerment. Sometimes it is simply about opening up, communicating and being steady with our commitment to heal, acknowledging how far we’ve come, and continuing in the direction of our vision.

*  Sometimes we think we need to be fierce and take shit on like a fearless warrior. But that’s not always the case.  Sometimes the only thing we need is to be be deeply loved and held.

*   Empowered can be practicing being really soft. It can mean being quieter than usual and not knowing everything you feel you need to know, and it can mean asking for and allowing yourself to receive help.
*  The more we understand the different tastes and qualities of empowerment the better. That way we can lean on each other for support in many ways and not have expectations about what empowerment looks like.  Then we can always grow, and keep evolving in a confident manner.
What is it that you need right now to feel empowered? We are never stuck when we know that we are not alone and can practice asking for help.  That recognition is what can help our default state be one of empowerment, regardless of what we are facing in our lives.

So reach out, head over to the AF LOVES YOU private Facebook Group page to share your response, and keep up the good work!!!
And please don’t forget … we’re in this together!


Adriana & Taryn

Awakened Feminine