Together We BLOSSOM!

Awakened Feminine is about real support.

We see other women in their fullest potential because it helps us to see ourselves that way.

We honor a woman’s innate power because then we can honor ours.

We believe in her, truly. And therefore, we can truly believe in ourselves.

Awakened Feminine is a movement because we have committed to a PARADIGM SHIFT.We committed to TAKING A STAND and to offering a NEW way to relate to each other as women… a way out of the old, toxic, catty thing that so many of us have experienced. We have chosen to stand for something new and to live from that intention, and we have chosen to do so unconditionally…through the bliss and through the challenges.

And you know what? We DO face challenges. So we wanted to take this opportunity to let you know…there are challenges, and that’s OK!

This is about COMMITTING. This is not about perfection. This is a process, and we are ALL learning and growing. We are all BLOSSOMING! So, let’s commit to stand together and to keep our hearts clear and our intentions strong! Let’s move forward with gusto, and not worry so much when we falter.  And let’s have fun doing this!

Challenges just truly do come up, and actually, sometimes challenges present themselves as a result of this commitment, because you notice more, and your standards for yourself and your relationships have become higher. So, you might find that you’ve invested in relationships that aren’t serving you. Maybe you’ll leave conversations feeling unheard, not seen, or with the general unease of misrepresenting yourself. There will be times you wish you communicated better, and at times you might struggle with seeing another woman’s perspective.. you might even have moments of struggle in supporting her. Yes, there will be moments when you don’t handle things in the highest way.

But, you Awakened Feminine beauty, you will always bounce back…ALWAYS…
because you’ve committed to!

So you bounce back, maybe you even laugh! (We highly recommend laughing.) You correct yourself, and you try again. You go back to a conversation and say, “I did not communicate that very well to you…let me give this another try.” You admit you’re wrong when you’re wrong, you admit you felt wronged when you felt wronged. And you keep your heart clear and your intentions in tact. You keep your integrity to your commitment in tact.
We know that sometimes a paradigm shift, and a commitment to stand for something new, is not easy. That’s why we do this, because we want it to be our guiding light in our relationships, we want it to help us develop and cultivate a true community ofwomen who empower each other. But we realize that we are in a process, and that we don’t always know what to do, or how to do it. So we make sure we are always connected to what we stand for, and we always work towards living true to that. Clear heart, clear intentions.

We are all in this together. Your success fuels ours. Our flop helps you to learn. So we stand in solidarity, and move forward fully committed to this new paradigm. The commitment to stand IS the paradigm shift, and the rest is practice.

And as you fiercely and loveingly move forward, remember we are here, and we always want to hear from you.

We honor you, we honor your commitment, and we honor your beautiful blossoming heart.