Hello dear beauties!!

With this Love Letter we want to remind you that we are HERE!  That our whole mission with Awakened Feminine is to support each other’s growth, and see each other in our fullest potential.  Not because it’s easy to do, but because that is what we feel so passionate and driven to offer. With each other, with ourselves and with YOU! 


We are here to continue supporting your excitement and enthusiasm for life, as well as helping you face the challenges and frustrations. However you are, right now in this moment, know that you can stay super open and honest with us. Always.  We are committed to loving you unconditionally, and reminding you of your power!  We are committed to holding a massive space for you to step into the women you want to become. Because we are all always evolving, aren’t we?

To help us do this better, we want to engage more directly with you. So, we created a closed Facebook Group where we can do this. Here, we can answer any questions, provide content such as videos and podcasts, pose questions for you, and encourage and facilitate a larger and deeper conversation. And, of course, it is a place for you all to support each other too!

This group is a safe space for us to get and give support and connect on a real level with other women who are walking a similar path of self reflection and inner growth. 

But this group is just the first little part of some truly exciting stuff that we have planned. We have been in the process of developing some amazing new offerings for you…. so  GO ON OVER  and join the group, and stay tuned!

SO much Love,
Adriana & Taryn