We talk a lot about non-judgement, but what actually qualifies as judgement? What is the difference between judging someone and knowing the facts of something and just not jiving with it.


So we asked our teacher David the difference, because a lot of moments had come up for us these past few days where we wondered….are we being judgmental, or is it that we just don’t relate to something? So he told us that the question to really ask is…. which one comes from place of power, and what comes from a place of smallness?


Judgement comes from a place of smallness, and within it, there is an ego boost. It feels good to our ego to express a distaste for something or someone. It makes us feel a little more (falsely) powerful to disagree with someone else’s actions or way of being. It makes us feel a little more right to make someone else a little bit wrong.


But when we simply don’t jive with something, that understanding comes from a place place of power. We have a deep understanding of who we are, what works for us and what doesn’t, and what feels in line with us and what feels off. There is no ego boost in knowing something isn’t for us. It’s just simply not our thing. We don’t like something not because we need to feel more “right”, but because we know it’s just not right for us. We can express dissatisfaction or disagreement without any edge and without any badness towards another. Even if that person really did something that to in our eyes isn’t right, we can firmly know that and state that without our own sense of smallness coming into play.


We see a lot of women who shy away from speaking against something they dont like (whether internally speaking or outwardly), and we also experience a lot of women trying to “not be judgmental” but in fact are totally coming from that small place and totally knocking someone else down, even if unintentionally. It seems to us that just having the awareness around this topic and allow us to shift our actions into a more supportive place.


So the next time something rubs you the wrong way, think about whether you’re coming from a place of power before you react. Leave your ego out of it, and see where that takes you.

It might surprise you how easy it is, and how freeing and good it feels to leave all that junk out of your world.



Awakened Feminine