“You don’t have to be weird anymore” …This is a sentence that we find ourselves saying a lot these days, oftentimes while laughing, but most of the time with actual real impact.

We do not mean weird in the sense of being unusual or quirky or different, or any of those awesome qualities we all possess. And arguably we are completely misusing the term weird to begin with. But nonetheless, that’s what we say…and here’s what we mean:

We mean weird in how you relate to that other woman, or to your friend, or your mom, or your sister. We mean, in short…you don’t have to be weird in how you interact with other women anymore.

You don’t have to feel stumped for what to say, because you can just be yourself. You don’t have to worry about how you look….if you seem frazzled or tired or sad or stressed, or anything less than the ideal we all set ourselves up to meet. You don’t have to wonder what your friend is thinking about you, because you can just ask her now. You don’t have to speak in circles around someone…you can just speak directly to them. You don’t have to avoid anyone because now you can face them much more easily, and you don’t have to be fake. No matter what, you don’t have to be fake.

You don’t have to worry if she’s judging you, or if she knows about your relationship problems. You dont have to worry if your hair looks frizzy, or if you don’t have the job you wish you could tell her you had.

You don’t have to be weird because you can let go, be at ease, and trust yourself. Perhaps the other women you’re interacting with aren’t in the new paradigm yet, but who cares. Be you. Rock yourself. It radiates, people can feel it. People feel the authenticity and they also feel the fearlessness within that authenticity. Be yourself fully on the days you shine like a golden sun, with a smile that blesses everyone you come across. And be yourself on the days you need some support, the days that you need someone to radiate sun onto you.

And you know what? Maybe she is judging you. It’s true, she might be. Because not judging, and truly supporting…that is a new thing to offer each other as women, and it’s still not super common…So your actions can’t be dependent on anyone else. There can’t be a conditional participation in this new way of relating. So, you don’t have to be weird, because you can choose to live in a place where you are just you, and where you live true in an unconditional way.

You can say the things you need to say. You can speak truly to your friends. You can be open about what is happening in your life, and what you’re up against, and you can be open about what is amazing. You can say the things you need to say to the friend whose actions are hurting you. You can say what you need to because you can choose to speak from your power, not from your fear of lack. In doing that, your words come out real, not tinged with an edge or used as weapons to fight a war of cattiness.

So we constantly remind each other that we don’t have to be weirdos. That we can just say the thing we want to say, or be the way we actually are. And we get to practice it in a safe setting within our women’s meetings. Because it actually does take practice to get used to it. We practice being open, and we practice speaking our truth. It’s simple stuff. But every time we remind each other of this, and every time we put it to use, it truly feels like a new revelation. It instantly takes the drama out of a situation, and ultimately it just always feels so, so good.