“We are never stuck and we are never alone, no matter what we are feeling… we are meant to evolve, and we are meant to soar.”  ~ Awakened Feminine

Today we welcome you to a new way of relating to … your triggers!!!

Guess what? We kinda LOVE them!  AF knows that it’s important to acknowledge them when they arise, and it is important to breakthrough them!   That’s how we grow.  It’s is always easier for us to not believe in them or give them energy when they are someone else’s right?  That’s how we help each other grow!

Awakened Feminine always favors true connection over the bs that comes up between us and within the stories in our minds. 

So, we invite you to practice turning your triggers into breakthroughs to massive compassion  and connection!  Because we all have moments where we feel defeated and not enough.  On the other side of those moments can be beautiful openings and a soft empowerment that really fuels us and our lives.  This takes support, and practice.

We know practice isn’t easy. It’s work. Part of the challenge in living an Awakened Feminine life, is making this kind of practice a priority.  In this way you’re prioritizing your highest self! For a lot of us this is the essence of self-love.

You can totally take your triggers. No matter how big they are you don’t have to be scared of them and can let yourself be free from attachment and commitment to them.  You can learn how to break through them and feel the love and compassion on the other side!  And- you can help each other do that too!

We challenge you to give your triggers a good dose of wisdom and compassionwhen they arise, by reaching out and telling a woman you trust about your fears or crazy thoughts and limitations and have yourself some massive breakthroughs working with them.

Reach out for support - we love you and don’t forget we’re in this together!!!!

Even in those moments where you forget the powerful, wise and loving woman that you are and you might feel like there is a light barely flickering inside you, Awakened Feminine is committed to seeing your bonfire.

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Awakened Feminine